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How to Use Convertible Braces

In a world full of belts, a well-crafted set of braces sets you apart effortlessly. Trafalgar braces, also known as suspenders, are a unique way to replace your belt and take your outfit to the next level. There are a variety of different styles of braces but the most popular are clip-end and button end. Here at Trafalgar, we offer a wide selection of convertible braces which have both button and clip-ends that can be interchanged! This way you can wear the same pair of braces with dress pants that are fitted with buttons and with more casual pants that need clip-ends. The different styles are easy to switch between and our team of experts has put together a step by step guide to make sure you can get the most out of these upscale and luxury braces.

Difference Between Button End and Clip-Ends

Convertible braces allow you to conveniently switch between clip-end or button ends depending on the occasion or pants you are wearing. They feature a full grain leather back patch and button ends as well as silver adjusters and clip-ends. The “Y-back” elastic straps ensure all day comfort and can be adjusted to your perfect fit. 

The main benefit of using clip-end braces is that they can be worn with any pair of pants. The ends have sharp teeth that grip onto the waistband of the pants. Each shoulder strap has one clip that snaps to the front of your pants on each side of the hips, and there is another clip in the back. This is the quickest and simplest way to wear braces, but for more formal options button ends are agreed to be the better option.

Button end braces are more traditional and formal than clip-ends, but they require your pants to have buttons sewn into them. They are also more comfortable because where clip-ends have one point of contact with the pants, button ends have two. The leather ends are attached to two buttons at each end of the suspender straps; two on each side in the front and two buttons in the back for a total of six connection points to the pants. In comparison, clip-ends only have three connection points. Since button ends are attached to the pants in more places, the straps will not move as much and will stay more secure. 

A tip from the experts: do you have a pair of pants you would like to wear button end braces with, but they don't already have buttons sewn in? Skip the hassle and frustration of sewing buttons onto your slacks with Trafalgar's movable No Sew Buttons. They can also be easily moved from one pair of pants to the next with no damage! This set of 6 buttons can be worn facing outwards to show off your brace ends, or inwards for a sleek, tucked-in look. They are available in black, brushed silver, and antique brass.

Here at Trafalgar, we sell two styles of convertible braces that require slightly different methods to switch between the button and clip-ends. 

Braces Type 1: Drop Tab with Button Closure

Braces end close up

The first type is the most simple to use. These braces feature a leather drop tab that holds both the clip and button ends in place that can be easily unbuttoned to release the ends. Just unbutton the tab, take off whichever end you don’t want to use, and then secure the tab closed by buttoning it.

How to Remove the Button Ends to Get a Clip-Ends Look

Unbutton the leather drop tab that is holding the two ends in place and then remove the button end from it. Button the drop tab back together and use the remaining clip to attach to the waistband of your pants!

How to Remove the Button Ends

How to Remove the Clips to get a Button Ends Look

Follow the same process as above: unbutton the leather drop tab that is holding the two ends in place and then remove the clip end from the tab. Button the drop tab back together and use the remaining button ends to attach to the waistband of your pants!

How to Remove the Clips

Braces Type 2: Drop Tab with Small Notches 

Braces end close up

The second type of brace has a different removal process than the first one. These braces do not have a leather fold that unbuttons to allow both the button or clip-ends to be removed.

How to Remove the Button Ends

The button end is the easiest to remove: it should just be pulled through the loop in the drop tab it rests in. The leather ends are slightly bigger than the hole, and may need to be folded or adjusted in order to fit through the loop. When you want to reattach the button ends, simply push them back through the hole.

How to Remove the Button Ends


How to Remove the Clip-Ends

In order to remove the clip-ends, it also requires a little bit of adjusting. The clip-end must be lined up with small notches on the back of the drop tab to be wiggled off. Start by turning over the braces and locate the two small notches on either side of the drop tab.

Drop tab with small notches
If you look closely at the clip-end, you will see that there is a small opening. Line up the notches on the braces with the opening on the clip, and you will be able to wiggle the clip-end off. You may have to adjust the pieces a little, but once you find the right angle the clip will slide right off! In order to reattach the clip, line it back up with the notches and slide it back in the loop.
How to Remove the Clip-Ends

Now that you understand how to remove end types on both styles, you can easily switch between button ends or clip-ends whenever needed! We have a wide variety of convertible end braces in a range of colors and patterns, so shop now to find the perfect pair for any occasion!

A final tip from the experts: if you’re set on using button end braces, try Trafalgar’s formal braces for your dressier occasions such as weddings, holidays, or just a special date night. These braces feature button end fasteners and are adjustable for a perfect fit.

Formal braces

Now that you understand the basics about braces, head over to to find your perfect pair!

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