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      Braces & Suspenders

      For the Man who’s a Class Apart

      When it comes to holding up your pants, belts rule the fashion world these days. Are you tired of this trend? Do you want to stand apart from your fellow men? Well then, here’s a blast from the past for you. Braces, or suspenders as they are sometimes known, are coming back in a big way. Now is the time to make the move to a more sartorial style of dressing.

      Be the Difference

      In a world full of belts, a set of classy suspenders sets you apart, automatically and effortlessly. Declare your independence from the fixed notions of men’s style and be rewarded handsomely. Sport a set of trouser braces while being secure in the knowledge that it automatically takes your confidence to the next level. Men who can pull of the braces look are the ones who have conquered the style game and are not afraid of their sophistication.

      At Trafalgar, we are proud to have a robust range of stylish braces that cater to the varying individual tastes and personalities. Pulling from our heritage, we have created suspenders for men that hearken back to fully bespoke and sartorial wardrobes. Each set of braces will be a welcome addition to any dapper man’s wardrobe.

      More than a Tuxedo Accessory

      Unfortunately for suspenders, they have mostly been relegated to the tuxedo pack these days. They are rarely seen as anything more than an accessory to properly wear a classic tux. That’s no longer the case. Break out the braces and wear them with an increasingly large number of outfits. From casual suits to waistcoats, there is no longer a lack of opportunities to sport braces. Of course, there is no reason not to wear these stylish accessories every day.

      To make it easier for the sophisticated man to find the right set, our craftsmen have diligently worked to create versatile options. Pairing a set of braces for your outfit has never been this easy.

      Incredible Variety

      Variety is the name of the game when it comes to styling men. Men’s suspenders are no different. Get suspenders in different styles and you will open a while new world of looks. At Trafalgar, we aim to make that possible and easy with our vast range of tailored braces and suspenders. Crafted from high quality silk, each of our suspenders has been designed to meet the stylistic needs of the modern man. Browse and discover everything from solids to patterns that pair perfectly with your ensemble effortlessly.

      Dedication to Quality
      At Trafalgar, we believe that quality is the key to sophistication. As such, delivering quality accessories to men has become our passion. For this reason, all the suspenders and braces we offer are of a high quality. Each will remain an essential part of your wardrobe for years down the line. Our master craftsmen ensure that each luxury brace features only the best handiwork with every stitch.
      Discover a whole new world of style with braces now!