Belt Sizing Guide

A good belt is the perfect complement to any suit or casual outfit. It adds style, class, sophistication, and personality. But the difference between a good belt and a great belt is in the fit. Like a perfectly tailored suit, a well-fitting belt elevates your style. 

A perfect belt will fit you on the center, or in most cases third, punch hole. This placement is optimal for showing off the buckle, strap, and fine details. It also gives you plenty of room to move up or down the belt over time.  In order to make sure you find your perfect fit, we suggest one of three simple ways to determine your belt size. 

Method 1 - Pant Size

The easiest -though not the most accurate- way to find your belt size is to add 2 to your current pant size. For example, if you’re a size 34, your belt size is 36. This is quick and simple in a pinch, but has its drawbacks.

Unfortunately, your pant size can vary based on the brand, the material, or how much your favorite pair has stretched over time. Washing and frequent wear can affect the fit of your clothing, so keep that in mind when using this method. However, if you’re confident in your pant size, and don’t have a measuring tape handy, this method will work just fine. 

Method 2- Measure your waist 

A more accurate method is to measure your waist with a measuring tape. The size of the belt corresponds to the number of inches between the edge of the belt nearest the buckle, to the center hole. Therefore, match your waist measurement in inches or centimeters to the closest available belt size.

When using this method, you want to make sure you stand up tall, but relaxed, and have the measuring tape snugly around your waist. Don’t pull too tight, and don’t suck in, or you’ll end up with an uncomfortable fit. 

Method 3 - Measure your belt

The most accurate method, and the one we recommend, is to measure a belt you already own. Find the length from the edge of the belt to the hole that fits you best. When you buy your new belt based on this measurement, the middle hole should fit you the best, giving you the room to move up or down the belt if needed. We recommend this method because, like your favorite pants, a belt can stretch and wear over time, but your measurement will still be accurate.

Trafalgar Belt Size 32
Trafalgar Belt Size 34
Trafalgar Belt Size 36
Trafalgar Belt Size 38
Trafalgar Belt Size 40
Trafalgar Belt Size 42
Trafalgar Belt Size 44
Trafalgar belt size 46

For non-numerical sizes, please refer to the chart below.For the best fit, select a belt that is one size  larger than your pant measurement. For example, if you wear size 36 pants, order a Large (38-40) belt, or equivalent.



We make it easy to find your correct belt size! Watch our video here for a few quick methods to find your accurate belt size!