A Wallet for Every Style

Coordination is the hallmark of a sophisticated man. Every piece of your look must be neat and cohesive to create the perfect impression. Not only should your shirt, trousers, or even the belt and shoes complement and contrast each other, but so should your wallet. While it’s not seen often, a wallet makes a very revealing statement about a man. When you reach for your wallet to pay for dinner, drinks, or hand someone a business card, you’re making a big impression, even if you don’t realize it.

Trafalgar understands the importance of an organized and stylish wallet. From supple leathers, to exotic skins, we have to perfect wallet to match your personal style. Our classic bifold wallets are slim and soft, so you can avoid the uncomfortable bulk of a wallet in your front or back pocket, but still keep all your belongings organized. Our cardcases are the perfect minimalist option, with room for just the essentials. This is a great option for the gentleman who wants to easily switch between wallets to match his outfit.