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Anthony Embossed Crocodile Leather Dress Belt

$57 $95

Holding Up More than Just Pants

For most men, a belt is simply something functional, meant to hold up pants. Then again, why would you want to be most men when you can be exotic? Exotic belts are for the confident and suave man, who isn’t afraid to stand out. In fact, that is exactly what he wants. For men who want to stand apart and make a statement while looking extremely cool and sophisticated, there are exotic leather belts.

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Reinvent Your Style

A genuine cowhide leather belt is certainly an excellent addition to your formal dress. With an exotic leather belt, you can do much more. Get an alligator or a crocodile leather belt to declare your individuality at dress occasions. For a more muted way of standing apart, lizard leather belts are a great option. No matter your choice, you are sure to present yourself as a style-conscious man who knows how to make an impression.

Find the right choice of exotic leather in our range of finely crafted belts. Bring in some emphasis to your outfit without going overboard. Crafted to perfection by experienced craftsmen at Trafalgar, each of our exotic leather dress belts makes a fine addition to your wardrobe for years.

Discover Variety

Why limit yourself to the plain old leather belts? Discover and choose from a vast range of exotic leather belt straps that suit your specific tastes. Select from multiple exotic leather options from alligator leather to lizard leather, in various styles. It won’t be difficult to find something that goes perfectly well with your style. All of our belts have been created under the supervision of our Trafalgar craftsmen who have honed their skills over years. Each belt is certain to provide the perfect accent to your sartorial sense.

Redefining Natural Leather

Discover a whole new world of leather. Make a strong impression with the bold grains and textures of an alligator dress belt. For something more subtle, get lizard leather belts with their refined grain texture. Leather has never been this exciting. Add them to your dress outfit and instantly recognize the difference. Redefine the subtle emphasis offered by a leather dress belt by going exotic.

Rediscover durability

If you thought that going the exotic route meant ditching the durability of leather, think again. Despite the unique texture offered by our exotic leathers, they still retain their durability. Our craftsmen at Trafalgar ensure that this durability is transferred to the belts, allowing them to last for years. Combined with our precision stitching, each belt will be a quality addition to your wardrobe, making them the perfect investment for a stylish man.

Customize for that Perfect Look

When you are going the sartorial look to achieve that perfect look, you must not let your belt be off the rack. At Trafalgar, we offer you exotic leather belt straps that you can easily pair with a buckle of your choice. This gives you complete control over how your belts will look. Find the right buckle at Trafalgar as well.

Add some exotic to your style now!

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