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      Braces & Suspenders

      Set yourself apart from the rest

      In a world full of belts, a well-crafted set of suspenders sets you apart effortlessly. Declare your independence from the confines of fast fashion and rapidly changing trends, and be rewarded handsomely. The classics never go out of style for a reason. Stand out from the crowd with the fashion accessory that exudes confidence and sophistication.

      At Trafalgar, we are proud to carry a robust range of stylish braces that cater to the varying individual tastes and personalities. Drawing from our heritage, we hand craft suspenders for men that call back to days of expertly curated bespoke wardrobes. Every set of our braces are a welcome addition to any dapper man’s wardrobe.

      Incredible Variety

      Crafted from high quality silk, every pair of our suspenders are made to bring you the best in quality, comfort, style, and longevity. From the adventurous trend setter, to those taking their first steps into the fashion world, our variety of patterns and styles are sure to offer something for everyone. Our timeless pieces are easy to pair with any outfit, and guaranteed to add the finishing touch you need.

      Trafalgar believes that quality is the key to sophistication. As such, delivering quality accessories to men has become our passion. Trafalgar suspenders are crafted to stand the test of time. When properly cared for, each pair will remain an essential part of your wardrobe for years to come. Our master craftsmen ensure that each luxury brace features only the best handiwork with every stitch.