Sock Garters 101: Everything You Need to Know

Sock Garters 101: Everything You Need to Know

What are sock garters?

Sock garters are elasticized bands worn around your legs, typically just below the knee, to hold up your socks. Sock garters are the perfect solution for keeping your socks in place with ease and style.

How do sock garters work?

The primary purpose of sock garters is to help keep your socks in place and prevent them from slipping down your legs. Trafalgar sock garters adjust, guaranteeing a custom fit for maximum comfort.

Are sock garters comfortable? 

Comfort when it comes to sock garters is preferred based on personal preference. Many people love sock garters as they prevent their socks from slipping down throughout the day. The elastic provides comfort around your legs, and the clips or tabs keep your socks from falling or bunching up in the toes of your shoes.

What materials are sock garters made of?

Sock garters materials usually contain an elastic band that wraps around the leg with metal clips or tabs attached to hold onto the socks. High-quality materials make all the difference when it comes to comfort. Trafalgar sock garters are made from hand-cut elastic in the United States and metal clips to ensure all-day comfort. 

Are sock garters only for formal wear?

Versatile and discreet, sock garters add a touch of refinement to any outfit and are suitable for both formal events and everyday wear. Sock garters are sometimes worn for the aesthetic, especially in formal or vintage-inspired attire.

Do sock garters come in different sizes?

Sock garters can come in different sizes. However, Trafalgar sock garters are one size fits most. The elastic is very stretchy, and they adjust, ensuring a personalized fit to optimize comfort.

Can sock garters be worn with any type of socks?

Sock garters can technically be worn with any type of socks. They are most commonly used with dress socks, where slippage is more likely to occur. Socks such as wool have a tighter knit, so they are more prone to stay up on their own.

How do you wash sock garters?

The washing instructions for sock garters can vary depending on the materials they are made from. We recommend wiping clean sock garters from Trafalgar. Gently wipe the elastic with a damp cloth or sponge. You may need to apply some pressure to remove dirt or stains, but be careful not to scrub too hard.

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