Black Tie Accessories and Dress Code for Men

Black Tie Accessories and Dress Code for Men

Receiving an invitation to a black-tie affair is undoubtedly thrilling, yet the uncertainty about appropriate attire may leave you with numerous inquiries. Keep reading to learn about accessories for black-tie events and the corresponding dress code.

Black tie events are formal evening occasions such as awards ceremonies, weddings, dinner parties, and charity events. This event is a step above formal attire but less formal than white tie.

While attending a black tie event, you should wear a tuxedo, dress shirt, black shoes, bow tie, cufflinks, and pocket square. While generally optional, braces and cummerbunds can enhance the elegance of your black-tie ensemble if you happen to have them in your wardrobe.


The ensemble's focal point is the tuxedo or suit jacket, which harmonizes the overall appearance. Consider choosing a white Marcella dress shirt with a sophisticated geometric pattern in its woven fabric. Ensure your shirt has a wing collar specifically designed to accompany your black bow tie. Additionally, go for a shirt with double cuffs to showcase elegant cufflinks. 

Black patent leather shoes are recommended for a black tie event. Velvet slippers can also work as another alternative. Neckwear should consist of a black bow tie. Silk and sleek, our Sutton Bow Ties are the ideal choice for your formal black-tie affair. We offer pre-tied bow ties and self-tie bow ties, depending on your preference. Our pre-tied bow ties will save you the hassle and time altogether. An elegant bow tie is what every man needs.

Opt for simplicity in your small accessory selection. Stick to timeless choices such as classic cufflinks, a black bow tie, and a white pocket square. All these small accessories are essential for black-tie events. Cufflinks made of black onyx are a great choice as well simple silver designs keeping it sophisticated and minimal. 

The cummerbund is not essential in your black tie attire but creates a sleeker look overall. Cummerbunds serve to conceal the bunching that may happen when your dress shirt is tucked into tuxedo pants, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your ensemble.

If your tuxedo pants have buttons for braces, it's considered more traditional and formal to wear braces instead of a belt. Braces help maintain a clean, tailored look, and they eliminate the need for a belt that might disrupt the smooth line of your formal attire. Choose black braces to complement your pants, and ensure they are not visible when your tuxedo jacket is on.

Man wearing a black-tie ensemble

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