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Formal end braces featuring a military commander and ships

Our Limited Edition Braces are back!

Introducing The Commander, the newest addition to our highly exclusive Limited Edition Braces Collection.

Braces from our Limited Edition Collection feature sophisticated ribbons made from silk yarns that are hand-loomed by highly skilled craftsmen in France. The looms used to craft these braces range in age from 150 years old to more modern looms of the 21st century, and often use ancient techniques to weave the silk ribbons. The 100% woven silk ribbons are then hand cut and sewn in the United States and finished with hardware made in the UK.

These braces are made in limited quantities, in part, because even the finest weavers can only weave five yards of narrow silk fabric a day. When we say limited, we mean it: there were only 325 pieces crafted!

Don't wait to make this wearable work of art, The Commander, part of your collection!