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The genuine Hornback Alligator in our Spencer Exotic Belt elevates a luxurious alligator skin into something even more lavish. The texture and three-dimensionality of the scales create a singular look offset by the classic styling. This belt’s sophisticated qualities are further enhanced by the depth and beauty of the alligator skin.
  • Genuine Hornback Alligator
  • English Dress tip strap
  • Italian full-grain leather lining
  • Antiqued-silver finish buckle
  • 1 3/8" wide strap
  • Made in USA
  • ID: 1109TF60

Trafalgar’s genuine American alligator comes exclusively from the belly section of wild Louisiana alligator. Found in the soft river beds of Louisiana’s rivers, wild Alligators grow longer and leaner, providing more consistent, undamaged hides with a superior cleanliness, quality, and suppleness. Trafalgar alligator hides are vegetable tanned not chemical tanned, making a more durable product and one that as it ages, allows for the natural oils preserved in the leather to continually polish anew. Heat glazing, a touchstone classic Trafalgar finish, enhances the hides’ natural contours and nuances and creates a high-shine luster; matte finish alligator, another introduction to Trafalgar’s style pool, adds newness to Trafalgar’s alligator vocabulary. Finally, organic steaming, which is a Trafalgar standard process as well when crafting alligator accessories, heightens the hide’s natural tiling.

Manufactured with the best quality skins legally available, fully lined in genuine leather, crafted and finished by hand in the USA, and designed with a vision for timeless American style, Trafalgar’s Exotic Leather Collection sports both a refined haberdashery sensibility and an adventurous spirit.

Trafalgar Belt Buying Guide 
To assure a proper fit, select a belt that is at least 2 inches larger than your pants size. For example, if your waist is 33 or 34 inches, choose a belt that is 36 inches.

Storing Leather Belts
To preserve the luster and natural beauty of Trafalgar belts we recommend that you hang them vertically, lay Trafalgar belts flat, or loosely coiled; tight coils will eventually stretch the leather. Store Trafalgar belts away from direct sunlight.