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Our Chadwick genuine Teju lizard belt comes in a lightly buffed finish that emphasizes the beautiful highs and lows of the skin. This handsome and elegant belt will be captivating for a man’s look as much as the eye.
  • Genuine Teju Lizard
  • Snap secured loop for easy belt buckle change; strap narrowed and squared at tip
  • Italian full-grain leather lining
  • Brushed satin nickel finish buckle
  • Made in USA
  • 1 3/8" wide strap
  • ID: 1109TF71
Sizing: Purchase your belt one size larger than your pants size. For example if you wear size 34 pants you should purchase a size 36 belt.

Trafalgar Belt Buying Guide

To assure a proper fit, select a belt that is at least 2 inches larger than your pants size. For example, if your waist is 33 or 34 inches, choose a belt that is 36 inches.

Storing Leather Belts
To preserve the luster and natural beauty of Trafalgar belts we recommend that you hang them vertically, lay Trafalgar belts flat, or loosely coiled; tight coils will eventually stretch the leather. Store Trafalgar belts away from direct sunlight.

Trafalgar’s genuine lizard pieces are recognized for wearing beautifully and incorporating both classic and fashion-forward looks. Regularly proclaimed to have a “great in hand feel,” lizard hide has intrinsically small scales requiring meticulous crafting to make a single piece. Trafalgar creates styles in Java Lizard from the Asian Water Monitor whose skin of more regularly sized rectangular scales is smooth and supple as well as long-wearing and therefore a favorite reptile skin used in vintage Hermes and Gucci designs. And the recently introduced Teju Lizard Collection, from the Teju Lizard, a giant lizard from South America whose skins are composed of neat, tidy ridges of slim, vertical scales surrounded on both sides by smaller, rounded scales, thus providing for a more varied and interesting pattern. In one species its “natural” color, black and natural is more variegated and contrasting. 

Produced in the same manner as the other Trafalgar Exotic skins with the same hand-crafting and finishes, Trafalgar’s Lizard Collection offers a customer great accessibility to exotic skins.

Manufactured with the best quality skins legally available, fully lined in genuine leather, crafted and finished by hand in the USA, and designed with a vision for timeless American style, Trafalgar’s Exotic Leather Collection sports both a refined haberdashery sensibility and an adventurous spirit.