Group Gold
Group Gold 24K Gold Over Brass 1 3/16 Inch Buckle 24K Gold Over Brass 1 3/16 Inch Buckle 24K Gold Over Brass 1 3/16 Inch Buckle 24K Gold Over Brass 1 3/16 Inch Buckle 24K Gold Over Brass 1 3/16 Inch Buckle
Trafalgar’s 24K Gold Over Brass custom 1 3/16 Inch Buckle offers an exquisite, golden accessory highlight to a man’s wardrobe.  Personalized it becomes even more meaningful to own or give as a gift.
  • 24K gold over brass
  • Fits 1 3/16” strap
  • Made in the USA
  • Engravable at no additional cost
  • ID: 1672TF21

Trafalgar’s plaque buckles are compression buckles. A compression buckle is a style of plaque buckle without a prong. Instead, it has a mechanism that clamps down onto the strap at whatever point fits best. It allows for a better fit and frees the wearer from being limited by the placement of a hole. Trafalgar belt straps therefore have no holes and are designed exclusively to work with Trafalgar compression plaque buckles only. Our straps are guaranteed to fit with our buckles; be sure to match the same size strap with the same size buckle (i.e. 1” strap with a 1” buckle.) Because the thickness of the strap is equally as important as the width of the strap to work properly with the buckle, we recommend you purchase a Trafalgar buckle along with the Trafalgar strap. A Trafalgar buckle is unlikely to fit with anything but a Trafalgar strap.



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